For Agents’ eyes ONLY!


Hello fellow agents,

Billybob posted a sneak peak of the new misson – What do you think it might be?


I think it’s two penguins stuck together with bubble gum but I’d love to hear your ideas!

Rember this is TOP SECRET,

Agent Fire Peny 88 8)

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5 Responses to “For Agents’ eyes ONLY!”

  1. momo429 Says:

    duh but i cant wait til it comes out i hope there is a party for it!

  2. Fire Peny 88 Says:

    Yeah a party would be kwl 🙂

  3. purplebuggy1 Says:

    Wow your awsome

  4. joshua Says:

    i seee nothin all i see is letters no pitchure

  5. Fire Peny 88 Says:

    Joshua, as you responded to the post almost 3 years later, it looks like Club Penguin removed the image.
    Most of the images here are broken because they are mainly hosted on external sites which often remove their images after a certain period of time. Another reason for this is that I used to host all my images over at which closed down a while back therefore most of the images belonging to me on this site are lost (I am unsure whether I have any backups).

    I know you probably won’t read this response (as 4 years have passed since your comment) but I thought it would be worth replying in case other people are wondering why they cannot see the image.

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