Awesome music


Well inspired by Imaligor making a playlist I decided to make one too! I added some awesome music (well I think so) such as the Jetpack adventure music, Gummybar and Mika! IT’S SO KWL! SIGN UP FOR AN ACCOUNT NOW!

Here is the link:

It sounds great on my dad’s laptop because he’s got this thing called Realtek HD Audio Manager where you can mix u the sounds and make it into a awesome (sorry I keep saying awesome) remix.

I gtg now, see ya later,

Fire Peny 88 (‘.’)

P.S. Sorry for now posting lately – I will be back with more updates shortly šŸ˜‰

P.P.S. You may have noiticed that we are currently ‘ Comp is Now’s Penguins Behaving Badly’ for the time being; maybe a month or so. Until then hopefully Comp will do most of the updates for a change lol šŸ˜†


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