Puffle Rummors


Hi penguins! As it is puffle week I though I would give you the low down on Puffle rummors. Recently there has been a puffle rummor artical in the news paper. Some of these rummors are true some are not. Here is my opion:

This snow ‘puffle’ is noting more then Herbert and his crab. Herbert is the blue body and the crab (posisioned behind Herbert) is the pinsers.

This ‘Meteor’ puffle is just a black puffle – it is flying higher then usal because the O’berrie it consumed had some of the hot sauce, that they use on the spicy pizzas at the pizza palour, on top.

The rainbow puffle is nothing but a yellow puffle covered in paint – there may be a rainbow puffle though but no one has proff that they have seen it.

The white puffle though is real! My owner, Fire Peny 88, saw it and took this picture – I wish I was there!

I’m not sure about the golden puffle though. Some penguins belive to of seen it but it may just have been a yellow puffle in the sun.

What do you think? We would love to hear your opion,

Fire Peny JR

Puffles are Awesome


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