Card jitsu


Me and Fire Peny are doing a compitition for a card jitsu code where you have to do is design a card jitsu card and if you win you get a card jitsu code.


  • If a PBB staff member enters then they cant judge.
  • Only one entry per person (we must your email adress)!
  • No copying real CJ cards but you can do it with a  similar picture.
  • Must be to do with club penguin.


Here are the outlines for you to do it(only need to do it on one unless you want to do more):


The prizes are*

  1. a card jitsu code
  2. a card jitsu code
  3. 2 weeks PBB news paper
  4. password to super rare foldeees page
  • every entry gets their prize plus
  1.  6 days of PBB news paper
  2. password to rare foldeees page
  3. 5 different pbb trading cards!
  4. PBB Prize points!

*Prizes may be subject to change.

 email entries to or


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5 Responses to “Card jitsu”

  1. Nevie Wevie Says:

    nice contest

  2. imperfectkylie Says:


  3. Cadburrie Says:

    I entered this really awesome contest! Im a fan of yours 🙂 When does your contest end? Please email me!! 🙂

  4. Cadburrie Says:

    I made my own blog! 😀 I got inspired by you and to another penguin! 🙂

  5. machaela Says:

    Im a black belt im st pau2

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