Habbo xmas Giveaway


UPDATE: The giveaway will be held on Christmas Day (25th December 2009) at 5pm GMT in Habbo UK.

Hi penguins! I haven’t been on Club Penguin for a VERY LONG time now so I don’t really know what’s going on at all. My computer has broken completely now but my mum got a new laptop so I can FINALLY post again now! I’ll have to trash the Sensei and Rockhopper widgets now as the files were stored on my broken computer, hopefully I’ll be making some new ones soon when I have the time on my flippers.

I have been using Habbo Hotel instead of Club Penguin recently, Club Penguin is MUCH cheaper and you can buy everything when you are a memeber with no further charges but on habbo you have to pay for ‘hc’ and for all the credits to use to buy items.

As you cannot giveaway items on Club Penguin I thought that I might giveaway some items in Habbo UK (sorry guys if you don’t live in the UK, but hopefuly we will do a giveaway for all of you soon). My username is Fire-Peny-88 and the room will be called  firepeny88.co.uk giveaway, Ledgendary-Frog should be at the giveaway too – he’s an offical member of the PBB team so you can feel free to ask him any questions or conserns if I have to leave for some reason. The giveaway will only be held if we making it up to a certain ammount of visitors on this site at the same time, then I will put a ‘giveaway code’ on the homepage so that I know that you have been on this site and I’m not just giving you furni for nothing.

Donations would REALLY, REALLY help! And we will put your habbo name on this site if you donate to us – BUT ONLY DONATE TO duckieten, Fire-Peny-88, dogeee or Ledgendary-Frog as they are the offical pbb staff helping with the giveaway. Thanks,

Fire Peny 88 😉


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4 Responses to “Habbo xmas Giveaway”

  1. angel@xx@xx Says:

    love you

  2. undecidedhero Says:

    wheres code?

  3. Fire Peny 88 Says:

    Enjoy your credit angel! And have a Merry Christmas!

  4. imaligor Says:

    Aww man im on habbo us…

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