Habbo Birthday Giveaway


Hiya Habbos (and penguins)! In this post I will be annoncing the date of my Habbo giveaway (for everyone on habbo.com, which is all the english speaking habbos merged together) . It will be held on Friday 25th June 2010, at 9am PST which is: 5pm GMT and 12pm CT. There will be a giveaway code posted on the homepage and you’ll just have to whisper that to me and I will give you the furni of your choice from the room, and if your lucky there might even be some credits πŸ˜€ ! To find the room search my habbo name which is Fire-Peny-88. I hope to see you all there; and if you need me to tell you the time in your time zone or if I’ve forgoten any information then please comment below,

Fire Peny 88/Fire-Peny-88 πŸ˜€


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