Stamp Party


Hey penguins! I haven’t played Club Penguin in a while but I just logged in today and saw this (new?) thing called stamps. I looked at a few of the things you need to do to collect them and some are kinda hard to do on your own, so why not come to the PBB Stamp Party? Bring your penguin to the whole party or just part you need to complete your collection! These are the stamps we will be working on 11th September, in sever Fjord:

  • Throw snow at the forts with 5 penguins of the same colour

To participate come to the Snow Forts at 5am PST (1pm GMT, 8am Eastern, 7am Central, 6am Mountain) and wear the black colour on your penguin.

  • Make 10 penguins smile in a room

To participate come to the Snow forts at 5:05am PST (1:05pm GMT, 8:05am Eastern, 7:05am Central, 6:05am Mountain) and continuallyuse the smile emote on your penguin

  • Party in the night club with 10/25 penguins

To participate come to the night club at 5:15am PST (1:15pm GMT, 8:15am Eastern, 7:15am Central, 6:15am Mountain) and dance

  • Form a full band at the lighthouse

To participate come to the lighthouse at 5:25am PST (1:25pm GMT, 8:25am Eastern, 7:25am Central, 6:25am Mountain) and dance while only wearing a instrument on the stage

  • Form a hockey/soccer team with 5 penguins in the same jersey

To participate come to the Stadium at 5:35am PST (1:35pm GMT, 8:35am Eastern, 7:35am Central, 6:35am Mountain) and wear a blue hockey jersey then at 5:40am PST wear a red soccer jersey

  • Meet 10 black belts in the ninja hideout

To participate come to the ninja hideout at 5:50am PST (1:50pm GMT, 8:50am Eastern, 7:50am Central, 6:50am Mountain) and wear a black belt

  • Dance with 30 penguins wearing hard hats at the berg

To participate come to the iceberg at 6am PST (2pm GMT, 9am Eastern, 8am Central, 7am Mountain) and dance whilst wearing only a hard hat (you can get a hard hat for free from the Cave Mine)

  • Throw a party for 10/30 penguins

To participate either wait in the town to be invited to a party or add your igloo to the map from 6:30am PST (2:30pm GMT, 9:30am Eastern, 8:30am Central, 7:30am Mountain) onwards (I’ll be there until about 7:30 but I might stay a little bit longer/shorter) and invite penguins in the town, PBB and any other kind penguins will come to your party and we’ll party until we get around 10 or 30 penguins then go back to the town to go to another’s party. If we have been at your party for 20 minutes or longer then we will eventually have to move on to see if other penguins need help!

To help everyone reach this target members of the PBB team will be taking part in each event including Fire Peny 88, Duckle and Comp is Now but we still cannot guarantee that all the events will be possible (especially the hard hats at the iceberg or party task)  but we all try our very hardest and we hope that you all will too,

Fire Peny 88 8)


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One Response to “Stamp Party”

  1. Fire Peny 88 Says:

    Hooray! So far we have got Throw snow at the forts with 5 penguins of the same colour and Party in the night club with 10 penguins!

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