Countdown to New Years: Day 1 (20 days to go)



When you opened today’s countdown to new year calender door you  found free card jitsu codes! Comment below (make sure you place your email in the email box then the admins can send you your card jitsu code) before 16th Decemeber at 9am PST when Fire Peny 88 will close the comments for this post and you will be emailed your card jitsu code on 20th December the latest! One per IP, sorry if you have a shared computer (this does not mean if you have 2 computers you can get 2 card jitsu cards per email).

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4 Responses to “Countdown to New Years: Day 1 (20 days to go)”

  1. dadted Says:

    hello there I would love to have a card jitsu code! thanks

  2. Rad2222 Says:

    cool my emails

  3. Fire Peny 88 Says:

    I’m feeling pretty ill lately so I haven’t been able to get out to the shops 😦 but I’m pretty sure I’ll get some codes for 5th January latest I’ll get better – I should be better for Christmas (this Saturday YAY!) but so many of the shops near me are closed until around January, sorry for the delay

  4. Andy Says:

    i would like a code

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