Toontown Brought Back by Fans!


Hello again everyone!
If you kept up to date with my blog in the past you would know that as well as being a penguin, I was also an avid player of Disney’s Toontown Online.

As you may know Toontown sadly closed almost 2 years ago (19 September 2013). However some of the fans banded together and created their own private servers to reopen the game to the public.
The biggest and most well known of these private servers is called Toontown Rewritten.

Unfortunately as these fan recreations do not have access to our old toon information you will have to start from scratch. However there are plenty of friendly faces in the community that would be happy to help you through your journey.

Several fansites exist in the community that can enable you to make new friends and perhaps even reunite with old ones.
MMO Central Forums (if you are a Toontown veteran you may remember this as Toontown Central Forums) is an example of one of the most popular places to discuss Toontown Rewritten and various other Toontown private servers. There are also smaller sections for other popular games such as Club Penguin, Minecraft and Wizard101.
Several members of the TTR (Toontown Rewritten) staff have accounts on MMO Central Forums and will post updates on the forums from time to time. Therefore I believe it’s a good method of keeping up to date with the TTR staff and the rest of the community. I hear that some people are even directed by TTR support to post any suggestions or ideas they may have on the forums so that feedback can be received from the community.

I know I’m late to the party with this most but I hope that this will help people discover the various Toontown private servers and perhaps be reunited with old friends through the game or forums.

Until next time,

Fire Peny 88

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4 Responses to “Toontown Brought Back by Fans!”

  1. imaligor Says:

    Hey whats up! I randomly was looking back on my old blog (which I also quit 5 years back, in 2010) and I was just clicking through some stuff and ended up here! Its pretty cool that we were both reminiscing at the same time and decided to look back! It is pretty crazy that the last time I talked to you I was 12, and now I’m 17!

    Nice to see you again!

    – Im a Ligor

  2. Fire Peny 88 Says:

    Hi Ligor!
    Good to hear from you. How are you?

    It’s nice to look back but I did find that I was asking myself “did I really write that?” a few times. Hard not to feel nostalgic though when I see old screenshots from Club Penguin.
    The site I used to host most of my image has shut down so many of the pictures here are broken. At some point I might go back and recreate some buttons for preservation’s sake.
    It is strange to think that it has been 5 years, I didn’t actually think it had been that long until I saw my last post date.

    Did you move onto any other games after Club Penguin? I’ve played several games myself since I was active. Toontown was the other main game of my childhood, that’s why I decided to post about it now.

    I hope to hear back from you soon,
    Fire Peny 88

  3. imaligor Says:

    Haha, yeah some of my old writing was pretty bad too! I started in 2nd grade, so alot of it was pretty ridiculous.

    Yeah about half of my images on my site got messed up also unfortunately 😦

    I play alot of console games, but mostly call of duty and counter strike. After I stopped posting on my old site, I still checked into Club Penguin about once a month to get the free items and see how everything was progressing. It was a pretty massive part of my childhood, so I still like to keep up with it to see how everything is going.

  4. Fire Peny 88 Says:

    I’m more of a PC gamer myself but we do have a Wii U and Xbox360 in our household so I do play some of the console games from time to time. The MMO genre is probably my favourite, not the biggest fan of FPS games to be honest. Despite this I do enjoying playing them with friends every now and then.
    Right now I’d say I’m more of a casual player of several games than a specific one. However I do frequent several of Blizzard Entertainment’s recent titles.
    I definitely still log into Club Penguin too from time to time, especially when special events are going on.

    I wonder if any Club Penguin bloggers from our time are still actively posting… Or if anyone else has decided to check back recently.

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