I got some 3D glasses so I was curios to FIND some 3D pictures  and I wanted to share them with you so I added puffles penguins and Me into them.You will need red-cyan glasses.

So here they are :

7 Responses to “3D”

  1. Nevie Wevie Says:

    Dragon is best seen from far away (5 meters?) and are helacopter and skeleton.

  2. drpoo Says:


  3. duckieten Says:

    who is this “dr poo” ? and why do you think we have a toilet roll on our site?

  4. The queen Says:

    The dinosaur and puffle is da bomb!

  5. iainstirling Says:

    hey queen i dont think the real queen talks like that or the musisian queen goes on this site. Nice vids on the music player – i expecially like the Habbo ones!!!

  6. iainstirling Says:


  7. Lana Says:

    iainstirling, Queen is a band not a single “musisian” – also learn to spell lol!

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