Club Penguin Cheats (glitches – no hacks)

Walk on the Night Club Walls (outside)

There are lot’s of ways to do this but this is the way I know how to do it (N.B. Other penguins will not be able to see you do this glitch if you do it this way; they will just see you in middle of the town.).

  1. Go to the town on the CP big screen.
  2. Stand underneath these two boxes.
  3. Press the F11 button located at the top on your computer keyboard (this step may not work on some computers).
  4. Change the zoom button that says 100% to make it say 700% – you must press the little arrow and then click custem to do this.
  5. Scroll to the night club and click near the top, you will only be able to walk half way up!
  6. Change the zoom back to 100% and you will be on top of the night club (this cheat does not always work)

Ligor Cheats by Imaligor

I got these from Imaligor’s site – if you want to copy them you have to post a link to Imaligor’s site and comment on it saying you got it from there:

the officile ligor cheats: the flying glasses of the ligor!:

put on black or red ( the officile ligor colors ( optional ) ) put on any sunglasses and then put on the tourguide hat and don’t close your player card! & wave your glasses r flying!  NOT CURRENTLY WORKING!

the other main ligor cheat: thouasnds of coins LIGOR FAST!

go onto the surf game and put it on survival! press d while moveing your mouse up and down but don’t fall off the wave at the top or bottom! as fast as you can and your earning lots of coins!also use the silver surfboard ( optional ) and go a little behind the wave and go fast gain 

Be invisable (iceberg)

  1. Go to the iceberg or at the cove and take all your clothes of (not background/pin)
  2. Turn blue and sit like this –
  3. You are now invisible!


Make Desert Pizzas (and get extra coins)

  1. Go to the starting screen on pizzatron3000
  2. Click the lever so it is set to the sweet
  3. Click start and you will be making dessert pizzas (plus you earn more money then making normal pizzas)

 Secret Dances

There are lots of secret dances but here are some to get you started:

Wave with the Tour Hat on to hold up the sign

Wave with the red or blue face paint to hold up a sign

Wear the chef hat with or without the apron to toss dough

Wear a bell (you can wear other stuff with it too) and wave to ring it


  1. Log in so your name is like this: Fi’ana for Fiana (you can put the ‘ anywhere in the name)
  2. Type in your nomal password.
  3. You will be logged on to your normal penguin!  (P.S. This cheat only works if you have 11 or less charicters in your name – including spaces)

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    Dang it dosent work. that stinks……………… Ill update it

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    Yo, just wanted to tell you that the cheats page is updated with new stuff 🙂

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