Penguin Hall of Fame!

Comment here with your penguin name and tell us why you should be in the Hall of Fame!

      Comp is Now                                            Im a ligor

      Im a ligor’s site - Glitches, cheats and other cool Club Penguin stuff!       





11 Responses to “Penguin Hall of Fame!”

  1. Fire Peny 88 Says:


  2. im a ligor Says:

    im a ligor

    why: because i have a club penguin site & i have an awsome penguin my site updates allmost every day & i can get up to 10000 coins on the surfing game on club penguin! thx

    ~ im a ligor ~

  3. Fire Peny 88 Says:

    Ok, I will hold a poll once there are more entrys

  4. compisnow Says:

    🙂 yeah yeah poll

  5. compisnow Says:

    I should be in it on 16th april everyone i saw on Club Penguin asked to be my buddy and I was the only one that had a rockhopper background and the only with a viking helmet ( I wore blue ) !

  6. Puddlewink Says:

    Add me to your blogroll.

    Fire Peny 88: Umm… ok…

  7. superelectric73 Says:

    Add me to your blogroll!

  8. superelectric73 Says:


  9. superelectric73 Says:


  10. superelectric73 Says:

    Youre online?

    Fire Peny 88: I’m usaly online at 9am PST

  11. superelectric73 Says:

    Any hits parties?
    Fire Peny 88: Ya, I’m gonna do a 1000 hits party soon! 😀 🙂 😀

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