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Club Penguin: Help for those with rejected names

July 7, 2015

Hi there penguins!

In my latest post I briefly touched upon the contact I had with Club Penguin support which caused me to visit this site after 5 years of inactivity. This post will explain the issue that caused me to contact Club Penguin support and hopefully help out others that are in the same situation as I was.



Recently I decided to login to one of my penguins to see if there were any new additions to Club Penguin. However upon reaching the server selection screen I was greeted with a pop-up containing the following message “Your penguin name wasn’t approved in English. Please create a new name. If you don’t want to change your name it will appear as (PNumberHere).” This particular penguin’s name had been approved for several years without issue and was not an inappropriate name in any way so I was very confused as to why my name had been taken away from me.

I decided to contact Club Penguin support to ask them why my name had been unapproved after all this time. I received a swift a detailed response from a Club Penguin support representative who explained to me that the email that the account was attached to included my penguin name and was therefore had been rejected to protect my personal information. The reason my penguin name had not been rejected when I first registered was due to the fact I used a different email for registration and then changed it at a later date (this was also a few years back but they only recently spotted the match). The support representative made a suggestion of a name that was very similar to my previous penguin name but I wanted to keep my original name.

Now that I knew the reason for my name’s rejection I came up with the idea to change the email address connected to my penguin to one of my newer email addresses that did not reference my penguin name.


How to change the email attached to your Club Penguin account:

  1. Login using your Club Penguin parents account here:
  2. Click the “Edit Parent Profile” button found on the top right of the page
  3. Change the address found in the “Email” field to your desired email address and press update

Those of you who are under the age of 18 may require an adult to access the parent account on their behalf.


After changing the email I responded to the email send by the Club Penguin support representative asking if my penguin name could be restored now that I had attached a new email address to the account. I was unsure whether my plan would work or not but 5 hours later I received a response from the representative who had restored my name for me!

TL;DR: If Club Penguin notices that your penguin name matches part of your email address (for example they will request that you create a new name. However if you change the email attached to your account to one unrelated to your penguin name and contact Club Penguin support they should restore your name for you.


Shout out to Chelsea of Club Penguin support for both explaining why my name was rejected and restoring my name for me!

Has your penguin name ever been rejected? Did you need to create a new name or was your penguin’s name restored? Did this post help you out? Let me know about your experiences by leaving a comment below,

Fire Peny 88


Long time no see…

July 3, 2015

Hello strangers!

Wow… it’s been a while hasn’t it? Apparently my last post was back in September 2010, that was almost 5 years ago! I want to make it clear that just because I’m posting and have responded to a few comments does not mean I have returned and I’m sorry to say that the site is likely to remain in an inactive state. I recently contacted Club Penguin support regarding an issue with my account (which I plan to discuss in a later post) which made me to decide to request a new password for my WordPress account (Hey! It was easier than trying to remember a password from 5 years ago! 😛 ) to check up on things over here.

It appears that the site activity died as soon as I left other than a few spam comments (I’ve cleared out a few of them and intend to get the rest at some point) in various places and discussion over on the “Free Panfu Membership” post. I just want to make it clear that I am not giving nor was I ever giving out free Panfu membership, the post was meant to inform people about a special offer from the Panfu staff that allowed you to have free membership for the day back in 2008. I apologize to anyone that was misled by the title. The title of this post has now been changed to “OUTDATED: Free Panfu Membership” in an attempt to avoid further confusion.

It is strange to look bad on my old posts and cringe at some things I said years back but it’s nice to have a good laugh at it all and possibly correct a few of the bad spelling mistakes that I spot.

I’ll probably some posts soon about my life since I left the blog and Club Penguin. So much has happened and I don’t want to cram this whole post up with all my misadventures.

TLDR: It’s been 5 years since I last posted! I have no plans for a permanent return but if anyone remembers me let me know and maybe we can catch up some time?

Well I’ll catch up with you all next time. Don’t worry, the next time you hear from me will probably be closer to 5 days than another 5 years!

Fire Peny 88

Greeting Penguins!

December 14, 2010

Hello penguins! It has been a long, long, LONG time since i last posted on here. I hope you haven’t forgotten me as an administrator? 😦 Well basically i hope it’s okay with Fire Peny 88 that i’m doing this but i wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Also, im advertising somebodys restaurant on my blog, can you please click the link on my blog post? Thanks!

Here’s my blogs link:

It would really appreciate it if you could visit the link on the post too 😀

Fire Peny 88 is a great person, and she’s such a cool friend and so her blog here is TOTALLY AWESOME! Keep the hits up people! 😀

Toodles! – yasminrose.

Yoshi’s Island Video

May 5, 2010

Hello penguins! Some guy who’s name is MultiBananaFish on youtube asked me for some clips of my penguin so I sent them to him, and little did I know he was gonna make a youtube video dedicated to my penguin (and yoshi 😆 ) with them 🙂

If you wanna see the video you can either go to or watch it below:

Thanks MultiBananaFish! You can see more of his awesome work visit his youtube channel:,

Fire Peny 88 😀

1000 days old party (win a coin code)

February 14, 2010

Hey penguins! I was just getting ready for the Valentine’s party later on today and I found out that Fire Peny 88 is 999 days old! That means that my penguin will be 1000 days old tomorow 😀 ! This reqiures a short notice party to take place tomorow in my igloo from 9:00-9:45 PST, server Slushy! I hope to see you all there and at the Valentine’s ball,

Fire Peny 88 😛

Also comment below and turn up to either party for your chance to win a coin code! (remeber to comment WITH your email address otherwise you won’t be able to claim your prize!)

PBB Valentine’s Ball 2010

February 12, 2010

Hey penguins! It’s coming… this Sunday the Valentine’s Ball 2010 will take place in Fire Peny 88’s igloo, server Sherbert at 8:00-8:40 PST. So come in your tuxedos or dresses or anything you want, you could even dress up as a piece of cheese!

There will be some various activities and it will all be filmed so YOU could be featured on Youtube, Google Video and/or Yahoo Video!

Be there or be square,

Fire Peny 88 😉

Not quiting

May 2, 2009

Hello penguins! I’ve made my mind up about quiting and I think that I should……….


Thank you for all you’ve lovely votes, here are the results below:

0 votes stated that I never update this site

102 votes stated that I should never quit.

0 votes said that this site sucks

2 votes told me not to leave, yet and to keep up the good work on this site.

2 ‘other’ answers thought that I shouldn’t quit

Thank you everyone for you’re wonderful support!

Fire Peny 88 :mrgreen:


April 26, 2009

Hey guys! CP is getting kinda boring for me so I might quit in the Winter or Summer. I am a level 4 member so I sorta got all the member items.

I’m getting a bit too old for CP, most people I know have played CP and quit. Hardly anyone one comes to our PBB partys anymore. I’ve been doing CP for almost 2 years and this blog for just over 1.

I want to say on because of all you guys making me feel like the luckest penguin on the Island. That’s why I’m making a poll to see if I should leave, please vote or I quit:

Feel free to comment too. I serouisly will quit if no-one cares,

Fire Peny 88 😦


Fire Peny 88?

April 13, 2009

Hiya Penguins, most penguin names have a reason to them so I thought that today I might tell you the orgin of my main penguin name: Fire Peny 88.


I think fire is pretty cool! Don’t you? You can burn and melt stuff, it keeps us warm in the winter and we can shape glass and plastic with it. I think that when I was making my penguin that there was no perticular reason for the ‘fire’ section of my penguin’s name. Fire is also a good start to a penguin name because it is an adjective.


No, I know what you’re thinking; my name is not Penny! I used the name ‘Peny’ not because I could not spell Penny, because I could, yet I had a toon from the multiplayer game: Toontown, called Peny. I used this name for my toon because Comp had told be storys about a boy who had a toon mouse, Comp had been buddies with this friendly toon; but one day when Comp went to Peny’s estate, it had changed comletely! Instead of the usaly happy toony estate, it was cold,evil and unwelcoming. Peny had turned into the cog legend, Peny the cog toon. When I was younger these storys had fasanated me and I made a mouse called Peny and tryed to copy this guy’s every move. He was like a role model to me.


Nah, Uh! I wasn’t born in 1988, in fact I’m still under the age of 18; still a youth. When I joined club penguin it seemed that all the names without numbers were taken (including the name Fire Peny, which somehow I know own) so I just pressed a random number. I had already created a penguin called Fire Peny 77 so I went for the next best thing, Fire Peny 88 was now born!

How did you come up with your penguin name(s)? Comment below and I might even make a post about you! We would love to hear your orgins,

Fire Peny 88 8)

Fire Peny

April 3, 2009

WHOO HOO PENGUINS! I just hit the jackpot! I managed to get a penguin called Fire Peny with NO NUMBERS! Here is picture proff:

I don’t know how I got it because I swear someone already had the name ‘Fire Peny’ when I first signed up! SO HAPPY!

Anyway penguins I have to check the new cataloges. See ya,

Fire Peny 😀

MightyDucky2’s super site!

March 2, 2009

Hey penguins! Have you checked out MightDucky2’s awesome site? It’s a such great site! So why not visit? The addy is:

And if you visit the ‘Penguin of the Month’ page then guess who’s there… A very special someone who works on this site 😀 ! I’m not going to tell you who it is so you will have to visit and see! Thanks MightyDucky; you have been added to the blogroll! Cheerio,

Fire Peny JR 😆

Valentines Cookies

February 9, 2009

Hiya penguins! Apparently I have been sent a valentines day cookie. I’m a bit confused :S , they sent it Annoymously and I’m not sure how many I’m getting… If I get two I might give one to Yasminrose or Comp is now, or maybe one of my other friends. I don’t really eat homemade stuff – unless me or my family makes it or someone I know. I eat the food at school, but I don’t think that’s ‘homemade’…

I can’t wait to get it! You know what this means? It  means someone might accualy like me! Yasminrose didn’t get one, my sciency friend didn’t get one and the rest of my BF didn’t get one. I dunno if comp is now is doing it .

Also remeber to go to the Valentines Ball today! If you can’t/couldn’t make it then don’t worry because it will be on again next monday at the same time, 9am PST.

Before I forget I would like to remind you to go to the offical PBB forum (see last post for more details). Thanks for reading,

Fire Peny 88

feel me burn!

Exclusive interview!

February 1, 2009

Hello penguins, you know I emailed CP a few questions? Well they’ve replied! Here it is:

For parties do you sometimes use penguins’ ideas, or is it always your job to come up with them?

The parties and events contain both player and Club Penguin inspired themes and ideas, this is one of the reasons why they are so fin-tastic. One of the coolest things about Club Penguin is that we listen to your penguins. We always do our best to implement their suggestions to help make Club Penguin a better place.

Are Rockhopper and Cadance normal penguins, or are they mods?

Rockhopper and Cadance are real penguins. While these characters are not mods, they are played by Club Penguin employees who are super enthusiastic about Club Penguin and players like you.

Why aren’t Gizmo, Billybob, Happy77 etc. on cp often?

The penguins Gizmo, Billybob and Happy77 do go online from time to time. Although, they may not be on as much as other penguins may want them to be, they still take time to hang out and waddle around the island.

To become a mod do you have to go though training?

Moderators at Club Penguin are formally known as Player Support Representatives (PSR). They go through a thorough and intensive training program, this helps to ensure that penguins like you get the best help possible.

I’ve also come up with an idea: Members could bath their penguins and set up a spa in their igloo, then they could open it to the map and non-members could get in and pay the member coins. And your penguin would be sparkly if it was clean (the sparkle could stop after a day or two! There could also be a spa in cp as a place lol . And you could buy duckies and have massages and put shampoo on your penguin! 5 mins – 100 coins and you could take your puffle for free and get coupons!

Your suggestion for member run spas sounds like a really cool and creative, my favorite part was that after going to the spa your penguin ends up sparkly clean. Although we can not guarantee that your fin-tastic suggestion will be used we will definitely take it into consideration for the future. We love to get new and different suggestions from penguins like you.

Well that’s all! I may email them again, so feel free to suggest some questions for me to ask! I will email them the questions I like the best,

Fire Peny 88 + Dave N (interviewee) 😉

PS. This interview was done by me and if you want to copy put that I (Fire Peny 88 ) interviewed CP.

Clones and new pin

January 30, 2009

Hey! There is a new glitch! Loads of penguins have been talking about it so I don’t know who made it up so I give credit to no-one – I did not make it up. Penguins are ‘cloning’ by signing into there penguins like this: Fiana 9 would be F’iana 9. It doesn’t work if it’s like Comp is Now or Fire Peny 88 because they have 12 letters – it will work if you have 11 letters though.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in so your name is like this: Fi’ana for Fiana (you can put the ‘ anywhere in the name)
  2. Type in your nomal password.
  3. You will be logged on to your normal penguin!

For the pin I’ll just give you a pic; I think you have enough brains to work out where the pic is from (LIGHTHOUSE BEACON!):

Anyways I don’t have all the time in the world; so see ya all around CP,

Fire Peny 88 😯

PS. Our site has loads of hits so has Yasminrose’s! (aka. Fiana 9)

New Paint by letters book

January 29, 2009

Tommrow there will be a new paint by letters book in the book room, here it is:


I don’t have time to give much info about it exept that it is called Lime green dojo clean – there was once a member party in the dojo, it was the lime green party so exepect it’s about that (or after it). Anyway I made the fruit salad in foodtech and it was nice; I can’t say it’s amazing because I don’t really like fruit but it was good! Thank’s to the person I made it with – I won’t say their name and I don’t know there penguin name – I dougt they even have one at my age 😆 .

Anyway hope you enjoy the book,

Fire Peny 88 😉

PS. I made it to the semi-finals of Bodge101‘s contest but I didn’t make it to round 4 😦 . Nevermind, I’m not sad. I didn’t even think I’d make it to round 2 😆 – I didn’t even think many penguins had heard of me! Thanks Bodge! Well done and good luck to everyone who did make it to the last round!