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Long time no see…

July 3, 2015

Hello strangers!

Wow… it’s been a while hasn’t it? Apparently my last post was back in September 2010, that was almost 5 years ago! I want to make it clear that just because I’m posting and have responded to a few comments does not mean I have returned and I’m sorry to say that the site is likely to remain in an inactive state. I recently contacted Club Penguin support regarding an issue with my account (which I plan to discuss in a later post) which made me to decide to request a new password for my WordPress account (Hey! It was easier than trying to remember a password from 5 years ago! 😛 ) to check up on things over here.

It appears that the site activity died as soon as I left other than a few spam comments (I’ve cleared out a few of them and intend to get the rest at some point) in various places and discussion over on the “Free Panfu Membership” post. I just want to make it clear that I am not giving nor was I ever giving out free Panfu membership, the post was meant to inform people about a special offer from the Panfu staff that allowed you to have free membership for the day back in 2008. I apologize to anyone that was misled by the title. The title of this post has now been changed to “OUTDATED: Free Panfu Membership” in an attempt to avoid further confusion.

It is strange to look bad on my old posts and cringe at some things I said years back but it’s nice to have a good laugh at it all and possibly correct a few of the bad spelling mistakes that I spot.

I’ll probably some posts soon about my life since I left the blog and Club Penguin. So much has happened and I don’t want to cram this whole post up with all my misadventures.

TLDR: It’s been 5 years since I last posted! I have no plans for a permanent return but if anyone remembers me let me know and maybe we can catch up some time?

Well I’ll catch up with you all next time. Don’t worry, the next time you hear from me will probably be closer to 5 days than another 5 years!

Fire Peny 88


April Fools Day

March 31, 2009

Sorry but not sorry at same time as I cant make the party as I am doing a  profamance of the thriller dance. So it will be on at 8:30am pst.


Comp is now .

Puffle Rummors

February 25, 2009

Hi penguins! As it is puffle week I though I would give you the low down on Puffle rummors. Recently there has been a puffle rummor artical in the news paper. Some of these rummors are true some are not. Here is my opion:

This snow ‘puffle’ is noting more then Herbert and his crab. Herbert is the blue body and the crab (posisioned behind Herbert) is the pinsers.

This ‘Meteor’ puffle is just a black puffle – it is flying higher then usal because the O’berrie it consumed had some of the hot sauce, that they use on the spicy pizzas at the pizza palour, on top.

The rainbow puffle is nothing but a yellow puffle covered in paint – there may be a rainbow puffle though but no one has proff that they have seen it.

The white puffle though is real! My owner, Fire Peny 88, saw it and took this picture – I wish I was there!

I’m not sure about the golden puffle though. Some penguins belive to of seen it but it may just have been a yellow puffle in the sun.

What do you think? We would love to hear your opion,

Fire Peny JR

Puffles are Awesome

Hello penguins

February 23, 2009

Hello penguins! I am Fire Peny JR; Fire Peny 88’s black puffle. I am taking over for the puffle party 😀 so you better be on your best behavoir 😆 – nah, just joking enjoy yourself however you like! I do have a few rules though:

  • Treat others like you would like to be treated
  • Don’t swear or call other puffles/penguins rude names
  • No hacking
  • And the mosr important rule: Have fun :mrgreen: !

I have no problem with advertising as long as you follow the rules (ie. no hacking to advertise). Follow the rules and I’m sure we will all have a bundle of laughs 😆 ,

Fire Peny JR 8)

Puffles Rock!


January 31, 2009

Hi penguins! I emailed CP a few questions they will hopefully answer! I will post the questions and answers as soon as I read the email. I hope someone who has good answers reads it!

Anyway I’ve got some great updates coming to the site soon so watch out PBB, new updates will be about,

Fire Peny 88 😉 

New Admin

December 21, 2008

Hello Penguins! I would like to say a warm welcome to our new admin Nevie Wevie! Because of this I thought I night take some time to explain the origin of the name ‘Penguins Behaving Badly’.

Well Comp and I we watch this thing called ‘Bear Behaving Badly’ where basically there is a blue bear called Nev well behaving badly; Nev isn’t really the naughty type he just always happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time! Nev has a human BF called Barney, played by Barney Harwood himself, and a Koala (who is an illegal immigrant) BF called ‘Keith’.

As nearly every penguin (with a blog) had a group/army I was thinking up names such as ‘The Duckys’ and stuff like that. Then Comp came up with ‘Penguins Behaving Badly’ and so that has been our group name since…

So we would like to say a big thanks you to the makers of ‘Bear Behaving Badly’ and a Merry Christmas to EVERYONE,

The PBB Team

~Fire Peny 88 😉

~Comp is now 8)

And not forgeting the newest memeber…

~Nev 🙂 🙂 🙂

And the rest of us!

Nev the bear

December 21, 2008

Hi i am nev the blue bear from smile and bear behaving badly. I like this site.

I like jam and ice cream.

I may be doing pins and that stuff.

Email santa!!!!!!

December 14, 2008

Email santa here!It’s free!

My nick name is -nev the bear-

Im a –boy–

closer to 10 or 2 or 11

My county is –Not in UK–

Of course thats in –Brasil–

I am — sligtly naughty–

For Christmas I would like –Duckies– , —Jam— and —Ice Cream—

I will attach cookies/Hugs and kisses/Reindeer food/Cola


Then he will reply in less than a day to your email adress!Need to put in email adress.Here’s a example.



Monday, December 15, 2008


Saturday, January 17, 2009

HO!! Ho!! ho!! And The Cookies!!No thank you for sending me your email all the way from The Oven!  Did you know that The Oven is one of Mrs. Claus’ favourite places?  The other thing she really likes is to read your  rubish email.  As a matter of fact, she was just asking if I had remembered to put you on the naughty list!

Did you know that the Northern Lights were shining particularly brightly when you were born And The Cookies?  (I just happened to notice how dim they were that day).  But I’ll bet that your very first Christmas is going to be dim for everyone in your family now that there’s a special little girl here to make their life a misery!  I also hear you’ve been a completly stinky baby girl.  I know Mrs. Claus was really excited when she added your name to the Naughty List for the very first time. 

Let’s see what you put in your letter for Christmas wishes: 1. libary; 2. gumball and; 3. stove.  HO!! Ho!! ho!!  Those ARE good presents And The Cookies!  The elves have been working very hard, but its been such a busy year that I hope you won’t be too upset with me if you get called nose girl.

Oh no!  Rudolph just sneezed and now there’s Nose Wax everywhere.  I won’t see you ever but now I have to go clean off my computer because it’s glowing  some diapers!  Take care of The Cookies — I’m really looking forward to giving coal to you in person for the first time this Christmas Eve.  That’s only 342 sleeps away (not including naps of course)!!

Wishing You A Very Merry First Christmas!



Thank you And The Cookies for thinking of me!P.S.   Why you fiend those unwonderful hugs & kisses And The Cookies!  Here are some hugs and kisses just for you from a bleeding lip!


Thank you Hf for thinking of me!





for putting that on your site here’s the html </span></td>
<img src=”” border=”1″ alt=”Thank you Hf for thinking of me!” hspace=”5″ vspace=”5″ width=”140″ height=”105″ align=”left” />


January 31, 2008

Yep, I’m almost up and running this is my one not Comps I’m his friends so it’s not a copy and his is not a copy.