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Happy Halloween’s Eve?

October 30, 2010

BOO Penguins, Toons, Habbos and everyone else – did I scare you? NO? Well anyway Happy Halloween’s eve? 😆 well anyway I’, posting to let you know what we have planned for halloween tomorrow – well I’ll be placing a video up of the candy locations put for those of you who cant wait here is a list:

  • Beach (behind tree)
  • Snow Forts (behind trees)
  • Iceberg (behind pumpkin stalk)
  • Gift Shop (under blonde pony tail wig)
  • Pizza Parlour (the pumpkin on organ)
  • Lodge (in the mirror)
  • The Plaza (in the cauldron)
  • Lighthouse Beacon (behind stairs)

Also UltimateMogwai is going to be putting a Toontown Trick or Treat and black cat video up as well. This is the list of locations for those who can’t wait:

  • All Fun And Games – Toontown Central, Silly Street
  • Rudderly Ridiculous – Donald’s Dock, Lighthouse Lane
  • Rake it Inn – Daisy Gardens, Elm Street
  • Urstatz For Really Kool Kats – Minnie’s Melodyland, Tenor Terrance
  • Snowplace Like Home – The Brrrgh, Sleet Street
  • Relax to The Max – Donald’s Dreamland, Lullaby Lane

And check out the last post made (by UltimateMogwai) to find out how to make a black cat. Also there is some sort of weird bat free item thing in the  Plaza; What are you guys dressing up as for Halloween?

Fire Peny 88 and the rest of PBB


What’s next?

June 4, 2010

Hey penguins! After all the recent updates on Club Penguin I didn’t think that anything else was going to happen for a while but with the adventure  party and even more EPF updates to come I guess that I was wrong. Here are a few sneak previews that Billybob has realised:


This picture looks as if you can look at different views of all the HQ, I don’t really understand what the point of this is but still hopefully it’ll benefit us all.


Ok now for this first part of this picture I am almost sure that it is the adventure party! As for the second part it might be a new game that will be released? The third picture is of the new clothes which were released in the penguin style today. Do you have any other ideas of what you think will happen in June? If so it would be great if you could share your ideas by commenting below,

Fire Peny 89 😉

20,000 hits party! (WIN A COIN CODE AND CARD JITSU CODE)

May 3, 2010

Hiya penguins!

YES, you heard it from the party widget first – THE PBB 20,000 HITS PARTY WILL BE HELD ON 23TH MARCH 2010 IN FIRE PENY 88’S IGLOO AT 9AM PST IN SERVER BRUMBY! Whooo!

This party’s gonna be extra special – I’ll explain the rules now, during the party I’ll be sending out a few postcards these are no ordinary post cards from a penguin if you send me your penguin name with the screenshot of the postcard I sent you and I remeber that I send you a postcard then you will recieve a card jitsu code! AND, like last time (even though no one turned up to the first party and I didn’t turn up to the second party so no one won 😆 ) if you comment below with your penguin name and email and also turn up to the party then I will put you into a draw to win a coin code! I might also do a few other little ‘games’ in the party so keep checking back for for infomation,

Fire Peny 88 😉

PS. If you wanna add the party widget to your site this is the HTML code:

<a href=””><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”” /></a>


February 15, 2010

Hello penguins! My good friend Fiana 9 (or as you may know her yasminrose) has been banned for no reason, she was going to come to my 1000 days old party today when a notice poped up saying something like: ‘You have been banned for 24 hours’. This just isn’t fair; she hasn’t been on for about like a month and when she wants to go on her penguin is banned?!?!

Club Penguin sometimes just ban loads of penguins for no reason, like I got banned for ‘swearing’ once. It was a long time ago and I have never said anything bad on Club Penguin. Someone I know apprently got banned for just saying ‘hi’, that was in the times were Club Penguin was brand new and probally still in beta stages.

I hope none of you have been banned for no reason before,

Fire Peny 88 😦

PBB Valentine’s Ball 2010

February 12, 2010

Hey penguins! It’s coming… this Sunday the Valentine’s Ball 2010 will take place in Fire Peny 88’s igloo, server Sherbert at 8:00-8:40 PST. So come in your tuxedos or dresses or anything you want, you could even dress up as a piece of cheese!

There will be some various activities and it will all be filmed so YOU could be featured on Youtube, Google Video and/or Yahoo Video!

Be there or be square,

Fire Peny 88 😉

Happy Christmas Everyone!

December 25, 2009

Hello penguins! IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY! And for most of us that means PRESENTS! I have been very lucky in the reciveing end this year, and can you guess what my favrouite present I got is?


YAY! Now I can update the site while I’m on the move. I will also be able to take some good quality pictures because my phone’s camera lens is broken. I haven’t got any Club Penguin toys (I did get some Habbo Credits and a pig from duckieten though which I invested into the giveaway) – but I will be getting some more gifts as I haven’t seen some of my reletives yet.

Now with the new centry coming round the corner I was wondering if  you, our visitors. would like us to do to celebrate the new year. So if you would like to request anything please comment below. Some things you might want to suggest could be: A habbo giveaway, a CP coin code contest or anything you want. Be creative, go wild, be silly with your ideas! But if you don’t think it’s appropeate for a Club Penguin/Habbo fansite then please don’t comment with it.

Thanks, you guys rock,

Fire Peny 88

Habbo xmas Giveaway

December 20, 2009

UPDATE: The giveaway will be held on Christmas Day (25th December 2009) at 5pm GMT in Habbo UK.

Hi penguins! I haven’t been on Club Penguin for a VERY LONG time now so I don’t really know what’s going on at all. My computer has broken completely now but my mum got a new laptop so I can FINALLY post again now! I’ll have to trash the Sensei and Rockhopper widgets now as the files were stored on my broken computer, hopefully I’ll be making some new ones soon when I have the time on my flippers.

I have been using Habbo Hotel instead of Club Penguin recently, Club Penguin is MUCH cheaper and you can buy everything when you are a memeber with no further charges but on habbo you have to pay for ‘hc’ and for all the credits to use to buy items.

As you cannot giveaway items on Club Penguin I thought that I might giveaway some items in Habbo UK (sorry guys if you don’t live in the UK, but hopefuly we will do a giveaway for all of you soon). My username is Fire-Peny-88 and the room will be called giveaway, Ledgendary-Frog should be at the giveaway too – he’s an offical member of the PBB team so you can feel free to ask him any questions or conserns if I have to leave for some reason. The giveaway will only be held if we making it up to a certain ammount of visitors on this site at the same time, then I will put a ‘giveaway code’ on the homepage so that I know that you have been on this site and I’m not just giving you furni for nothing.

Donations would REALLY, REALLY help! And we will put your habbo name on this site if you donate to us – BUT ONLY DONATE TO duckieten, Fire-Peny-88, dogeee or Ledgendary-Frog as they are the offical pbb staff helping with the giveaway. Thanks,

Fire Peny 88 😉

101 days of fun pin

September 19, 2009

Hey penguins! The 101 days of fun are over, and Club Penguin have released a pin to celebrate what a great time it was. You can find it in the Pizza Palour…

right next to that bottle of hot sauce, hey what’s that doing there? The hot sauce bottle is part of a savenger hunt orginised by sensi as part of the strange event of the sky turning orange! I’ll explain more and reveal the locations of the items in my next post.

But until then, penguins WADDLE ON,

Fire Peny 88 😉

Festival of Flight

August 18, 2009

Hey there penguins! It’s been a while since I last posted, huh? Well even though it’s the holidays I’ve been quite busy doing a few other things, but I promise that I will try to update the site again as much as possible from now on.

Gary the Gadget Guy (also known as his code name G) has made a machine which has lifted Club Penguin into the air! He did this because the glass in the underground was getting weak again and needed replacing so Gary has lifted Club penguin into the air with his new machine, therefore the glass can be replaced without another flood. The party was supposed to finish today but club penguin extended it until the 20th August Now onto the free items:

The green proppeler cap is located outside the pizza palour in the plaza.

The sand castle pin is in the underground pin

There is a free jetpack on the tallest mountain, but you have to go on the balloon ride to get there which is for members only.

PBB will be trying there best to improve the site by making all the improvements that are needed,

Fire Peny 88 😉

Party Update

August 2, 2009

Hello penguins. Unfortunately Duckle and I could not make it to the first party, but will will be making it to the second party which is in my igloo in server slushy.

I’m sorry for any problems caused by this,

Fire Peny 88 😦

10,000 Hits – PARTY!

July 19, 2009

Hello penguins! I am more then happy 😀 to annonce that we have reached 10,000 hits. Therefore w are going to be holding an awesome party on Sunday 2nd August at 1am and 10:30am PST. From what I have gathered the last time we had a party most of the time zones were on daylight saving time and others weren’t, this time I have made sure that these are the right times below:

Philippine: Sunday 2nd August, 4pm PST and 1:30am (Monday 3rd, the next moring)

Greenwich mean time: Sunday 2nd August, 9am and 6:30pm

Penguin Standered time: Sunday 2nd August, 1am and 10:30am

If you need me to find out the times for your timezone just comment below, stating what time zone you are in.

The first party (9am PST) will be held in Duckle’s igloo and the second one will be held in my (Fire Peny 88’s) igloo. Both are in server Slushy.

I hope to see you all there,

Fire Peny 88 😛

NB. There will be some filming during the partys.

Sensei Tracker

July 5, 2009


Hey there penguins! Sensi has come to visit the Ninja hideout, and he brought an exclusive background. Today is the last day he’ll be there, I’m sorry that making a tracker only just came to my attention.

Like all my other widgets you can add this to your site by simply copying and pasting the link below onto your own site/blog:

<div style=”text-align: center;”><a href=””><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”” /></a></div>
<div style=”text-align: left;”>

Oh, and before I forget, sorry that Duckle and I couldn’t make it to the party. We were busy playing the new simpsons game that I got for my Birthday. I will be trying extra hard to make it to our next party,

Fire Peny 88 😛

4th July Party

July 2, 2009

Hey Penguins! Sorry for the short notice, I haven’t been able to post lately because wordpress isn’t working properly on my computer. Tomorrow PBB are gonna have some parties to celebrate America’s independence from Britain. Here are the details for the first party:

When: 1am PST (4pm for Philippians, 9am for GMT)

Where: Fire Peny 88’s igloo, Server Brumby

Also these are the details for the other party:

When: 9:36am PST (5:36pm for GMT)

Where: Duckle’s igloo, server whitehouse

I’ll be hoping to see you all there,

Fire Peny 88 8)

PS. The events list will be posted soon 😉

101 Days of Fun snowball fight

June 6, 2009

Hello Penguins! I know this is of short notice but tomorrow we are having a snowball fight to help everyone participating in 101 days of fun.

The first snowball fight (for Philippines) is:

Server Brumby

9am GMT/4pm  Philippino time/1am PST


The final fight(for American) will be:

Server Sherbert

5pm GMT/9am PST


Just turn up any time you want – AND FIGHT,

Fire Peny 88 😆

RH Tracker Released

May 25, 2009

How are you penguins? I’ve been working on the RH tracker and I’m glad to say it has now been realsed 😀 ! It’s a bit differnet from the last one I made (I didn’t even update that one) as I thought this new design was just as good.


So here it is hope you enjoy,

Fire Peny 88 ;o)

PS. Click to the widget to get the code to add it to your site 😉