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Herbert’s Revenge

May 29, 2010

Hey penguins! Herbert’s Revenge is the new Club Penguin DS game that is going to be released in the US and UK very soon! Here are some sneak previews for thoose of you who can’t wait till the game comes out 😀 :

If you’re wondering where I got these pictures from I got them from so all credit goes to whoever put them up on amazon!

Also I have made some countdowns to the realease of the game, you can find them by clicking on either the UK or US link below:

UK Countdown

US Countdown

I think that’s all for now; so I guess I’ll be seeing you all. Bye,

Fire Peny 88 🙂


Bring on 2010!

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year penguins! It is now officially 2010 in England! It’s weird isn’t it – how in America it is still 2009, but in England, Italy, France and many other countries are in 2010. A completely different decade!

This year PBB is going to celebrate the new year in style, with more computions than ever. On Monday I will make a poll seeing which mechas you think should win a free membership/coin code. My friends at have provided me with this awesome picture to celebrate the new year:

This year I have decided that we are going to have 1 or 2 offical sponsers to PBB to promote our site. Our offical sponser for 2010 is:! We might be accepting new sponsers later on in the year aswell.

Well I need to get ready for the festivitys we’ll be having this year on Fire Peny 88’s Penguins Behaving Badly. So from all of us at PBB I wish you a awesome 2010,

Fire Peny 88 😀

New pin

August 1, 2009

Hi penguins! The free blue book page is almost ready – it has a few of the questions answers, but I haven’t finished the step-by-step guide. I haven’t added it to the homepage either but you can still visit it by clicking the link on the ‘pages’ widget on the sitebar.

Onto the main news, the new pin has been relesed!  You can find it in the coffee shop.

In other news: Comp and I are planing a massive improvement project for this site, the free blue book page is just the begining. This time we’re going wild with new updates and improvements to the site, you can read more about the improvement project in future posts,

Fire Peny 88 😉

PBB Prize Points?

May 29, 2009

Hiya! A while ago I asked you guys to come up for the name for the PBB coins/prize points for the soon to come prizes page. I looked at the results and it was very close so I decided we would use a couple of the winning results:

a duckie ten – is worth – ten PBB prize points

A few of you might be wondering what prizes you can win, well I’ve listed a few below:

A card jitsu code

Rare penguin password

User on this site

For a while I’ve been accepting author requests but after the page releases only friends of PBB and ‘prize winners’ will be able to become authors. So don’t miss your chance to become an author without winning NOW!

Oh, and also everyone who has enters/ed the free membership contest will recive a varity of prize points depending on their entry. Well I think I’ve given you enough information now 😆 , see ya all ’round,

Fire Peny 88 8)

Exclusive book preview

May 19, 2009
Hey penguins! I found this awesome exclusive new cp book sneak preview! By the looks of things this book is about Aunt Artic and YOU (the reporter). This is a ‘pick your patch’ book, this means that readers will be able to choose how to story ends – I like ‘pick your path’ books, I happen to read the ‘Give yourself Goosebumps’ seires (there not as scary as they sound/look)
I will keep you up-to date with all the CP gossip. And remeber this is exclusive (as far as I know) so if you want to put it on your site please put a link to this site on your post. Thank you,
Fire Peny 88 8)
*Yeah, I’m cool 😆 *

Wig Sneak Preview

May 12, 2009

Hi there penguins! Some of you entered a contest on the CP offical blog and voted for a new wig colour. And the winning colour was…


BLUE!!! Which colour did you vote for?- I voted blue. We would love to hear your opinions,

Fire Peny 88 🙂

Card Jitsu cards arriving in UK!

May 11, 2009

Hey Penguins! The first series of trading card are coming to the UK! I find this strange because I’m sure that my mum bought some card jitsu cards for me a little while ago and I live in England.

If you don’t live in the UK that you are most probally like ‘BLA BLA BLA WHO CARES ABOUT THE UK!!!!!’ but there is good news for the US too! The new set of puffle card jitsu cards is now available in north American Toys ‘R Us stores. whitepufflecard.jpg

Remeber, all card jitsu packs come with a code to unlock cards onto your penguin online! I also became a ninja yesterday and I’m happy to duel anyone. So enjoy,

:mrgreen: Mr Green :mrgreen: , I mean… Fire Peny 88  😉

Rocking with Rockhopper

May 4, 2009

Arrrrr Penguins! Some of you have been visiting Rockhopper in Florida, you may have also seen a blue penguin waddling around. Unfortunately for some of us who live in France, Portugal, the UK, Down under and some parts of the US it was too far to travel and did not get to see him. If you didn’t get to see him then check out this Notice Board with pictures of RH traveling around Disney World:


Rockhopper will hopefuly be returning to CP soon,

Fire Peny 88 🙂

Dance contest update

April 18, 2009

Hello penguins, as you most probally know new member music is coming to the ‘dance contest’ game. It would be good if CP let everyone be able to particape in new features; but we don’t live in a perfect world… then again members do pay about $6 a month…

You can get CP music from, thanks zud3652! Remeber you should have a virus detector up before you download anything from the internet!

Which tracks do you think DJ Cadence will add? Well, I will keep you up-to-date with all the info,

Fire Peny 88 8)

New Party? – You Decide!

April 10, 2009

Hey Penguins! Billybob is holding a compition where YOU get to decide the party background! Here are the choices:

ALL.jpg                         Choice #1                                Choice #2                             Choice #3

Go to to vote for your favoroute. The results will be in on Monday. Until then, as Billybob quotes ‘Waddle on’,

Fire Peny 88 😀

Free Penguins – coming soon…

April 6, 2009

Hey penguins! I am pleased to announce we will soon be making a free penguins page 😀 ! The penguins will be for everyone so please do not ban them. If someone bans them then I might decide to take them off (change the passes) and give them away in computions instead. They will be released sortly. Here are just a few names of the free penguins:

Fire Peny88

Fir3 Peny 88

Fire Penny88



Have you noticed they are all baised around the name Fire Peny 88? This means PBB will be able to easly see if you have taken a free penguin for a giveaway on your site or a free penguins page. You may take them onto a free penguins page on your site but only if you ask first and clearly display that you got it from us. Also, I though I might mention that all the penguins are currently non-members but I will see if I can get a membership in the future.

Thank you for your painsionts,

Fire Peny 88 😉

New cards coming soon..

March 29, 2009

Sault Penguins! CP is releasing a new set of cp cards. It is gonna be a puffle deck. Here is just a sneak preview of what’s going to come:


I personaly have one pack of cp cards, Comp has 2 and Yasminrose has… well none. I’m not sure about the rest of PBB because I don’t know them in real life. Anyway I have to go so until then duel on,

Fire Peny 88 😉

Featured penguins

March 23, 2009

Yo penguins! I’ve decided that every week I will do a think called ‘Featured Penguins’. There will be 1-3 penguins featured each week on every monday. This week’s featured penguins are:


Sc8ty has an awesome igloo, you may even call it ‘sick’. Though there are some private rooms for VIP only; these are shown below, it’s kinda confusing until you know what’s what. Sc8ty is a paiying member of CP. Here is a picture of his rad igloo:

Sc8ty has a buddie named Mezzzz1, I met Sc8ty via Mezzzz1. And it just happens that Mezzzz1  is our second featured penguin this week: 


Mezzzz1 was introduced to me though Fiana 9, Yasminrose. Mezzzz1, Fiana 9, Sc8ty and I formed a group called the cool crew. We became ‘the cool crew’ because we were all wearing glasses (cool, not geeky, glasses) 😆 !  By the looks of things Mezzzz1 has purceced 1 or more CP toy and therefore unlocked the keytar. Mezzzz1 has a awesomly cool igloo like sc8ty’s. Though Mezzzz1’s igloo has no special features such as VIP rooms, but then again if everyone’s igloo was the same life for a CP fan would be very boring :yawn: … Here’s a picture of the igloo:

Ice suclptors

March 18, 2009

Hello penguins! CP has picked the winners for the ice suclptor. They haven’t been annoced yet but here is just one of the lucky penguin’s suclptors:


Did any of you enter? I was gonna enter but I forgot 😦 . Anyway that means less compution for you guys 🙂 . Good luck penguins,

Fire Peny 88 8)

Guess who’s back!

March 14, 2009

Long time no see penguins! It’s me Fire Peny 88, I’m back from my break and it’s back to buissness!

Lately I’ve been working on secret project for PBB. It’s call mountain duckies and it will be a one-player game like CP. Hopefuly we will be able to make it multi-player in the future! There is no membership charge and there hopefully never will be. It will be pretty basic but still totally awesome! The addy will be Here is a sneaky peak of whats coming:


More will be reveled soon. The game will basicly be made by comp, I’m just gonna do the HTML, don’t ask me how to do it but I’ll tell you that it’s something to do with the program ‘Frontpage’. Anyway, lot’s of work to do on PBB; So now I shall say ciao,

Fire Peny 88 😉